It is a widely acknowledged fact that data is an asset, and this world is data-driven. All industries, irrespective of their domains, work with data to draw relevant insights. In short, one can say that

The economy is a roller-coaster — good times then bad times, bad then good. The cycle repeats itself, and with the global recession hitting some markets harder than others, the question of how to survive

The CBAP certification is a great way to demonstrate that you have the skills necessary to be an effective business analyst. In other words, it’s a stamp of approval that says: “Oh yeah, I’m good

The Business Analysis profession is one of the most popular career choices in the business world. It is an exciting profession that encompasses many different activities – some of which may be seen as complex

In 2022, Agile adoption and Scrum certifications have become mainstream. Leading organizations are embracing Agile in a major way – progressively looking for professionals who possess the knowledge needed to spearhead the Agile approach head-on.