There is a saying that ‘good leaders are hard to find but Great Project Managers are rarer still.’ This simply implies that managing projects effectively requires a certain level of skill and expertise that not

The field of Business Data Analytics has improved significantly over the last few years, providing businesses and organizations with better insights derived from data, particularly on how to drive business growth and in overall organizational

The explosion of technology in today’s world has given permission to a growing rise in questions about data, and its significance to the modern-day human. Data in this context is not entirely limited to your

Business Analysis as a practice has gained lots of awareness and adoption over the last two decades. However, there are still ongoing conversations as to what a “Business Analyst” does. Is it a profession, a

The internet is awash with a million and one reason as to why Scrum is the best thing since sliced bread. Every day you read stories of companies that quickly launch mind-boggling ideas and thus