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Catalyst Program

This Catalyst program is designed for individuals who wish to enter the field of technology through the Business Analysis and Project Management job paths.


Breaking into the tech space has never been easier! This FREE program has been created for candidates who are looking to grow their careers here in technology through pathways in Business Analysis and Project Management. 

The Catalyst program focuses on career development and its primary goal is to assist candidates in making direct connections to their next career phase by providing them with the necessary tools and fundamental knowledge. 

Career Pathways & Program Structure

  • Business Analysis
    • Introduction to Business Analysis
  • Project Management
    • Introduction to Project Management & Agile Methodologies


  • One Weekend
  • 1st session (4 hrs) : Introduction and Fundamental
    • Program Breakdown
    • Fundamentals of Course explicitly discussed.damentals of Course explicitly discussed.
  • 2nd Session (1hr) : Close out and what next?



January 21st & 28th

Application Opens: December 7th
Application Closes: December 28th


March 4th & 11th

Application Opens: February 6th
Application Closes: February 20th


June 24th and 25th

Application opens: May 4th
Application closes: May 31st


September 23rd and 24th

Application opens: July 17th
Application closes: Aug 31st


September 2nd & 9th

Application opens: August 2nd
Application closes: August 23rd


November 4th & 11th

Application opens: October 4th
Application closes: October 24th

What you’ll get from us
  • Certificate/Badge of completion
  • 2 weekends of 6 hours of coaching and mentorship 
  • Access to community of certified professionals 
  • One-on-one session with industry experts
  • Full scholarship for best student 
  • All at ZERO cost to you
What we need from you
  • Minimum of 3 years working experience
  • Core interest in program career pathways 
  • Willingness to share an up-to-date resume 
  • Submit application online
  • Sign participation commitment letter (Only committed students who will commit to attending all scheduled classes and completing learning tasks will be approved)
  • Get ready to join the 2 weekend intensive program.
How Do I Get In?
  • Fill out the application form 
    • Share with us details about you and your career 
    • Answer the ‘WHY’ question. Why is this program important to you 
    • Upload an up-to-date resume
  • A confirmation email will be sent to you immediately 
  • Upon review of your application, a decision will be sent to your email 
  •  If successful, get ready to learn!


BNET is a great learning platform with highly knowledgeable tutors with very unique and effective style of teaching. I came across BNET through a friend who had passed through the system successfully.  I had my training in September. Our facilitator was able to break down every aspect of the courses seamlessly ensuring effective impartation of knowledge. I took the CBAP exam few weeks after the completion of my training and passed in one sitting. I am very grateful to everyone at BNET for the support I gained all through this journey.


The BNET facilitators were wonderful during my training, breaking down all knowledge areas into bits and making it very comprehensive. You can say they used the functional decomposition technique to teach me and that really helped in obtaining my CBAP. I’m glad I went with Bnet. They are Awesome folks.


Thanks to the BNET team for helping with the quality training sessions. Highly recommended to anyone looking at being certified and learning and understanding the frameworks.


Program beneficiaries are from organizations like

Candidates who do not fulfill the 80% attendance requirement may be denied access to key program benefits such as a Certificate/Badge of Completion, one-on-one sessions with industry experts, and so on. Access to a network of trained professionals, as well as two weekends of six-hour coaching and mentoring.



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