The Scrum Product Owner Certified (SPOC®) certification is ideal for candidates aspiring to handle the business aspects and partner with stakeholders in a Scrum environment. This course will help you expand your career opportunities across all industry sectors, learn SCRUM essentials and the scope of a product owner role. Applicants will be awarded the Scrum Product Owner Certified (SPOC®) certificate by SCRUMstudy™ upon successfully passing the certification exam.

Scrum Product Owner Course Overview

Commonly called ‘the voice of the customer’, the Product Owner is responsible for ensuring clear communication of product or service functionality requirements. The Product Owner also prioritizes the requirements from the point of view of an end user, for maximum business benefit, defines the Acceptance Criteria, and ensures those criteria are met.
Linkedin identified the product owner role as an emerging job in 2020, with a 24% annual growth in the US. Furthermore, as a Certified Scrum Product Owner, you can earn a national average salary of $100,792 per year in the United States, according to Glassdoor.
There are a number of skills that will contribute to the success of the Product Owner. The greatest test skill for the business analyst is communication skills, which include oral, written and listening skills. Another skill that is very important for the Product Owner is that of facilitation of stakeholders in all phases of the product development life cycle.
A Product Owner is accountable for defining & ensuring the right solution is delivered by using their skills as a vehicle for people, technology and process success. This role can be easily transitioned into and is most accessible for individuals working in project management, business analysis or marketing roles.

SMC Course Key Features

Certification Benefits

Global recognition as a Certified Scrum Product Owner

Broad spectrum of career opportunities

Qualifies you for advanced certifications

Enhance your earning potential

Become part of a global community of Scrum experts Opportunity to network with other professionals through membership

Learn from scratch (no prerequisites needed) and open doors to new opportunities in your career


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Instructor-led Virtual Classes: This has participants virtually joining other participants in a facilitated intensive class. BNET Learning offers a small class learning environment led by experienced, certified and expertly trained instructors.

Special training available for corporate clients

This covers training materials, mentorship and the international certification exam. (10% discount for organizations with 3 or more participants)


There is no formal prerequisite for this certification but it is highly recommended that you go through the training before taking the examination.


  • We have trained over 1000 professionals.

  • 100% Success rate in SPOC in 2022

  • We offer add-on services like study groups and mentoring sessions to help you prepare adequately for your exam.


  • Provide critical thinking skills, hands-on case-study driven experience, conceptual knowledge and best practice techniques to rapidly discover, thoroughly analyze and accurately specify business and user requirements.
  • Learning verbal and Written Communication
  • Analytical and Systems thinking
  • Technology and Business Knowledge
  • Modeling (process, data, system)
  • Relationship Management
  • Negotiation
  • Evaluation and Decision Analysis
  • Planning and Management
  • Elicitation and Facilitation


Agile and Scrum Overview
  • What is Agile?
  • Why use Agile?
  • The Agile Manifesto
  • Principles of the Agile
  • Agile Methods
  • Other Agile Methods
  • Scrum Overview
  • Scrum Summary
Scrum Roles
  • Scrum Roles
  • The Product Owner
  • The Scrum Teams
  • The Scrum Master
  • Advantages of Cross-functional Teams
Planning in Scrum
  • Scrum Flow
  • Requirements in Scrum
  • Prioritizing the Project Backlog
  • Adoptive Project Management
  • Scrum Planning
  • User Stories
  • The Concept of Persona
  • Acceptance Criteria
  • Generic Done Criteria
  • Criteria for a Good User Story
  • Estimation
  • Importance of Value
  • Risk Burndown Graphics
  • Scrum Board
Sprint Planning
  • Sprints (Product Owner’s POV)
  • Sprint Planning Meeting
  • Planning Game
  • Task Estimation
  • The Sprint Backlog
Implementation of Scrum
  • Daily Standup Meeting
  • Sprint Review Meeting 
  • Sprint Retrospective Meeting
  • Product Backlog Grooming
Scrum for Large Projects
  • Scrum for Large Projects
  • The Chief Product Owner
  • Distributed Teams in Scrum
  • Transitioning to Scrum
  • Mapping Traditional Roles to Scrum
  • Managing Stakeholder Involvement

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the role of the product owner?

One of the crucial Scrum positions, the Product Owner, serves as the “one voice” for prioritization and acceptance of what to work on for a Scrum Development Team.

Will I be issued a certificate upon completion of this course?
Yes, you would be issued a certificate of completion from BNET Learning at the end of every bootcamp.
The Scrum Team includes the product owner, right?
Yes, Product Owners are regarded as Scrum Team members. Scrum Team and Scrum Development Team definitions may be found above.
What are the most important qualifications for a product owner?
A product owner should be committed to the project’s vision, their team, and the company as a whole. They should also have excellent communication skills to interact with all team members. They should also have a clear sense of direction and a desire to learn new strategies for their team and clients to thrive.
What distinguishes a product manager from a product owner?
While a product owner has a more varied function, a product manager is primarily concerned with articulating the voice of the consumer. The product owner’s primary focus is on clearly defining the user narrative, but they also take part in everyday tasks and act as the customers’ representatives.

What Students Say About This Course

With Bnet learning, I didn't have to write  scrum product owner certificate  exam more than once, they had very seasoned tutors who were able to break down the rudiments  for me. Thank you so much.

Michael Clegg


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