The Scrum Master Certified (SMC) certification is one of the most popular Agile Project Management certifications. This certification course emphasizes the fundamental principles of Agile Scrum as they are of primary importance to any Scrum Master. It is ideal for those looking to gain mastery of the Guide to Scrum Body of Knowledge (SBOK) by ScrumStudy, and also prepares candidates for the Scrum Master Certified (SMC™) certification exam


In today’s rapidly changing business environment, Scrum has become the most sought-after project management methodology. It is an adaptive, iterative,  fast, flexible, and effective methodology designed to deliver significant value quickly and throughout a project.

The 15th Annual State of Agile Survey by reports that Scrum is the most popular Agile approach with 66% of companies already using Scrum as their agile methodology. Certified Scrum Masters are also among the 25 highest paid professionals in the United States, with an average annual pay of over $95,846, according to stats from Glassdoor.

Scrum ensures transparency in communication and creates an environment of collective accountability and continuous progress. The Scrum framework, as defined in the SBOK™ Guide, is structured in such a way that it supports product and service development in all types of industries and in any type of project, irrespective of its complexity.

Firstly, a Scrum project involves a collaborative effort to create a new product, service, or other results as defined in the Project Vision Statement. Secondly, one of the key strengths of Scrum lies in its use of cross-functional, self-organized, and empowered teams who divide their work into short, concentrated work cycles called Sprints. Thirdly, the “Scrum Master Certification Bootcamp” is based on the Scrum Body of Knowledge (SBOK) guide. This is a book compiled by over 100 professionals worldwide and serves as a “go-to” for all Scrum Masters. It covers all the knowledge areas, tools and techniques, and problem-solving tools as recommended by Scrum Study.

SMC Course Key Features

Certification Benefits

Increases your earning potential as there is an increase in demand for Certified Scrum Masters

Validates that you possess the potentialities that organizations want from a Scrum Master

Helps you improve your team collaboration and management skills

Ensures smooth Agile implementation in your organization

Become part of a global community of Scrum experts

Open doors to new opportunities in your career


On February 11th, 2023

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Online Bootcamp

Training for Corporate Clients Available


There is no formal prerequisite for this certification but it is highly recommended that you go through the training before taking the examination.


  • We have trained over 1000 professionals.

  • 100% Success rate in SMC in 2022

  • We offer add-on services like study groups and mentoring sessions to help you prepare adequately for your exam.


  • Cover essential study materials and best practices highlighted in the Scrum Body Of Knowledge
  • Focus on real project processes such as transitioning into scrum, scaling scrum, and implementing scrum in a distributed environment.
  • Use of examples, case studies, and role-plays to help students understand and know how to apply scrum.
  • Use elements of scrum in conducting each classroom course to help students understand how scrum tools are used in real life situations.
  • Expectations backlog to give students the feel of scrum in the workplace.
  • Explanation of appropriate examination and certification related information.
  • Review


Overview of Agile
  • Agile Manifesto
  • Agile Principles
Overview Of Scrum
  • Definition and brief history of Scrum
  • Why Scrum
Overview of The Scrum Body of Knowledge
  • Framework of the SBOK™️ Guide
  • Who uses the SBOK™️ Guide
  • How to use the SBOK™️ Guide
  • Empirical Process Control
  • Self-organization
  • Collaboration
  • Value-based Prioritization
  • Time-boxing
  • Iterative Development
Scrum Aspects
  • Organization
  • Business Justification
Scrum Phases & Processes
  • Initiate
  • Plan and Estimate
  • Implement
  • Review and Retrospect
  • Release
Scaling Scrum
  • Scaling Scrum for Large Projects
  • Scaling Scrum for the Enterprise
Transition To Scrum
  • Mapping Traditional Roles To Scrum
  • Maintaining Stakeholder Involvement
  • Importance Of Executive Support

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How soon will I obtain my certification and test results following the conclusion of my exam?

It just takes a few seconds. You will obtain your certification and test results as soon as you submit the answers to the Scrum Certification Examination since your responses are processed and reviewed in real time

Do I have to pay again to access the certification test if, while taking the exam, I experience a technical difficulty that causes me to lose Internet connectivity?

Absolutely no issues. Please email us to let us know if this happens, and we’ll reactivate your test access ticket at no additional cost.

I recently obtained my certificate after passing the Scrum Master Accredited Certification exam. Now I just want to know whether there are any annual or other ongoing costs associated with maintaining certification.

No. For a certification program that is valid for a lifetime, registration is only required once. For your Scrum certification programs, we don’t impose any recurring fees or annual fees.

What will occur when I register? Do I need to take my exam right away? If I fail, what happens?

After registering, there is no rush to pass your exam. Your Scrum exam access code is good for 365 days after you get it. Consequently, you’ll have adequate time to study for your Scrum examination. If you fail, we will immediately and for no additional cost renew your access code for the Scrum certification test, allowing you to retake it whenever you’d like.

How long do Scrum certification programs last?

The timeframe is completely up to you when you register your Scrum certification. You access your exam, pass it after studying the information we sent you, and then you receive your Scrum certification. The majority of our students need one to four days to prepare, however there are others that finish in only a few hours. Therefore, it is entirely up to you how quickly you would like to go forward based on the time you have available to seek your Scrum certifications. It’s up to you to go at your own speed.

Who issues the certification?

The organization ScrumStudy grants the Scrum Master® Certified credential. For further details, please visit the ScrumStudy website.

What Students Say About This Course

It's been a fulfilling journey and I'm heartily grateful to the BNET team for the support and standing by me at every inch of the way towards this accomplishment.

Emmanuel Olusola


I took the exam and passed it excellently in my first attempt. Bnet Learning comes highly recommended for those who want to improve themselves and become professionally proficient.

Samuel Imene


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