Planning and Managing Requirements

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To assimilate the tools and techniques learned, there is a mixture of individual and team exercises throughout the course. Exercises and workshops help reinforce concepts learned. Students need to be prepared for a high level of participation.

According to SEI’s Square Project, the total percentage of project budget due to requirements defects is 25 to 40 percent and costs the economy $59.5 billion annually! As a result, a planned requirements approach is essential to a successful and smooth-running project. Just like the project itself needs a project plan, the requirements process needs a requirements plan. To be effective and to provide value to the project and to the organization, Business Analysts must be able to develop a requirements plan and have a thorough understanding of what activities they will perform, what deliverables they will produce, and how they will control and manage changes to those deliverables.

Participants will;

  • Determine and plan requirements activities needed for the project, identify deliverables that will be produced, and how to control and manage changes to those them
  • Differentiate between roles and responsibilities of project managers, business analysts, and business clients
  • Identify the roles and responsibilities needed for the requirements effort and categorize stakeholders
  • Define the key deliverables of a requirements framework
  • Develop a solid requirements plan.


  • Course ID: EL/BA/03
  • Level: Basic
  • Language: English
  • Duration: 3 Days
  • Professional Development Earnings: 24 PDUS | 24 CDUS | 24 PD Hours
  • Cost: Nigeria: #150,000 | Canada $999
  • Minimum Class Size: 8
  • Maximum Class Size: 15
  • Available Locations: Lagos | Calgary | Abuja | Port Harcourt | Dubai |


  • Introduction
    • A business case for requirements
    • IIBA® Knowledge Areas – Requirements planning vs. project planning
    • Requirement Management Plan Components
    • Requirements Definition
  • Stakeholder Analysis
    • Stakeholder Definition
    • Stakeholder analysis
  • Planning Considerations
    • Identify various planning considerations
    • Identify various project approaches
  • Understanding Scope
    • Project versus product scope
    • Scope statement components
    • BA and product requirements deliverables Acceptance criteria
    • Assumptions and constraints
  • BA Activities Plan
    • Planning overview
    • BA deliverables & activities
    • Elicitation techniques overview
    • Modeling techniques overview
    • Common estimating methods
  • BA Risk List -Risk overview
    • Requirements risks
    • Risk plan elements
    • Risk approach
    • Monitor and control requirements risks
  • BA Communication Plan
    • Communication considerations
    • Stakeholder communication preferences
    • Communication elements
  • Requirements Management Process Plan
    • Requirements Management Processes
    • Requirement attributes
    • Requirements organization
    • Prioritization Traceability overview
  • BA Performance Plan
    • Performance evaluation process overview
    • Metric guidelines
    • List of common BA metrics
    • Collect, measure & report BA metrics
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