CBAP®/CCBA® Certification BootCamp

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To assimilate the vast amount of information needed to pass the CCBA/CBAP certification exam, there is a mixture of lectures, discussion, exercises, and several practice exams in the course. Be prepared to answer practice tests to simulate the exam, with discussions about why answers were correct or incorrect.

This comprehensive workshop will prepare you for the Certified Business Analysis Professional (CBAP®) examination and help you make the most of the limited study time you have.

The course was designed, created, and is taught by CBAPs to help others focus on the critical areas to study and to provide insights into the exam. Current with the Business Analysis Body of Knowledge (BABOK® Guide) version 3.0, this Course includes sufficient sample questions for the CBAP certification exam to make you ready. Additionally, you’ll learn test-taking tips and strategies, along with other practice exercises to reinforce the material.


  • Identify the critical principles, activities, tasks, techniques, and tips described in the new BABOK® Guide version. 3.0
  • Cite the core knowledge areas, their activities, tasks, deliverables, and their relationships
  • Measure your ability to successfully complete the exam through practice exams in each knowledge area
  • Dissect and understand tricky sample questions through guided discussion after every practice exam
  • Develop a personal test prep strategy


  • Introduction the CBAP Certification
  • Overview of the certification process, Pre-conditions, and tips for the application
  • The BABOK® Guide Framework
    • Module 1: Introduction
    • Module 2: Business Analysis Key Concepts
    • Module 3: Business Analysis Planning and Monitoring
    • Module 4: Elicitation and Collaboration
    • Module 5: Requirements Life Cycle Management
    • Module 6: Strategy Analysis
    • Module 7: Requirements Analysis and Design Definition
    • Module 8: Solution Evaluation
    • Module 9: Underlying Competencies
    • Module 10: Perspectives
  • Strategies for the exam


  • Course ID: EL/BA/01
  • Level: Basic
  • Language: English
  • Duration: 5 Days
  • Professional Development Earnings: 40 PDUS | 40CDUS | 40 PD Hours
  • Cost: Nigeria: ₦125,000| Canada: CAD1,200
  • Minimum Class Size: 8
  • Maximum Class Size: 15
  • Location: Online

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13 Responses to “CBAP®/CCBA® Certification BootCamp”

  • Hi, I live in Istanbul and would love to take this training.

    I plan to change my career from Products Management to Business Analysis and would love to take the CBAP exam.

    Do you run this online?

  • Hello Femi, an email with more details of the CBAP bootcamp and exam have been sent to you. Thank you

  • Moses Negbenose / / Reply

    Hi guys, i am.planning to do the cbap training soon. I need to know the modalities for the online training. Do send me an email with more info on it

  • Moses Negbenose / / Reply

    Hi guys. Please send me more info on the cbap online training. An email will suffice. Regards

  • Hi,

    Good day. Just wondering if the 125k include the cert fee. Is the certification going to be conducted at the end of the 5th day of the training? I planned to take this certification in Feb 2021, is there any classes scheduled for that month?

    Thank you

  • Hi,

    Please can i get the details on how i could take the course with BNET and become CBAP certified .

  • Oluwasegun Salami / / Reply

    When next is this training coming on and is it done every weekend? Like Saturdays, Sundays for business executives?


    my name is victor, am an HND holder in statistics, and even since I graduate I have been working as a customer service executive. However, as3 a customer service supervisor, I intend to change my career to a business analyst. can I attend this program online and after this program will I be qualified to take the CBAP certification exam, owing to the fact that I had no business analyst experience. please advise further.


    please I live in Dubai and will like to get more information about the boot camp because I want to attend

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